1926 HEF Sell Sheet

South German Hefeweizen

A classic German wheat ale brewed in a traditional way with 60% wheat malt, noble German hops, and a Bavarian-strain top-fermenting yeast. Named for the year our historic location was built, this old South German style has plenty history of its own.

Alcohol 5.4%
IBU 12
Hops German Hallertauer
Plato 12.8
Pouring Temp 40 °F
Color | SRM Hazy pale-straw | 2.5
1926 Hef

Body, aromas, taste

A medium-light body with subtle hints of banana and clove. Smooth finish with a pillowy mouthfeel.

White Pizza

AIB Menu & Culinary Pairings

Pairs best with our Icon Pretzel, White Pizza, Truffle Fries, and Caesar Salad. Our flagship Hef complements German Weisswurst, fish, soft cheeses, and hummus.