1926 HEF

South German Hefeweizen

A classic German wheat ale brewed in a traditional way with 60% wheat malt, noble German hops, and a Bavarian-strain top-fermenting yeast. Named for the year our historic location was built, this old South German style has plenty history of its own.

Alcohol 5.4%
IBU 12
Hops German Hallertauer
Plato 12.8
Pouring Temp 40 °F
Color | SRM Hazy pale-straw | 2.5
1926 Hef

Body, aromas, taste

A medium-light body with subtle hints of banana and clove. Smooth finish with a pillowy mouthfeel.

White Pizza

AIB Menu & Culinary Pairings

Pairs best with our Icon Pretzel, White Pizza, Truffle Fries, and Caesar Salad. Our flagship Hef complements German Weisswurst, fish, soft cheeses, and hummus.

Growlers To Go

Enjoy 1926 Hef at Home

Growlers are available for takeout and local delivery.