American Blonde or Golden Ale

An iconic American style for an Iconic American brewery. One of the oldest American craft beer styles brewed with a touch of oats for body and American hops for crisp balance.

Alcohol 5%
IBU 15
Hops American Cascade + Centennial
Plato 12.4
Pouring Temp 40 °F
Color | SRM Pale gold | 3
AmerIcon Blonde

Body, aromas, taste

Medium-light body with a soft malt aroma. Medium-low bitterness balances for a crisp but flavorful finish.

Coconut Shrimp

AIB Menu & Culinary Pairings

Pairs best with our Icon Pretzel, Coconut Shrimp, Hawaiian Poke bowl or wrap. Our flagship Blonde complements chicken, seafood, mild jack cheeses, bread, and risotto.

Growlers To Go

Enjoy Americon Blonde at Home

Growlers are available for takeout and local delivery.