Power Plant Amber Lager

American Amber Lager

Named for the historic building that is now home to American Icon, this is a traditional American style beer inspired by the amber lagers of Vienna; having slightly more hop character for balance, and a refreshingly clean finish.

Alcohol 5.4%
IBU 18
Hops German Northern Brewer
Plato 13.1
Pouring Temp 35 °F
Color | SRM Pale amber | 10
Power Plant Amber Lager

Body, aromas, taste

Medium-light body with pleasant aromas and flavors of light caramel toast. Clean and crisp finish.

Street Corn Nachos

AIB Menu & Culinary Pairings

Pairs best with our Icon Pretzel, BBQ Pub Wings, Street Corn Nachos, and Fun Guy Burger. Our flagship Amber Lager complements grains, beans, legumes, game birds, and mild cheeses.

Growlers To Go

Enjoy Power Plant Amber Lager at Home

Growlers are available for takeout and local delivery.