Our Craft


Handcrafted Quality

Each and every American Icon beer is handcrafted right here in Vero Beach. Providing the freshest, full-flavored craft beer possible with traditional styles and Iconic quality. From classics like Pilsner to new favorites like Milk Stout, there is something for everyone.

State of the Art Brewhouse

All stainless steel, North American made and top of the line equipment make our brewhouse highly efficient and beautiful to look at. Situated in the heart of the brewery, it is a reminder of the hard work that goes into creating each and every batch.


Pure Water

Most beer is at least 90% water, and here at American Icon we have our very own water purification system. Starting with pure reverse osmosis water, each brew will receive small amounts of certain minerals, depending on the recipe, to achieve different flavor profiles.

100% Malt

All-malt brewing is the key to full flavored and well balanced beers. That’s why all of our beers are produced from 100% barley and wheat malt with no adjuncts or sugars added.


Iconic Hops

American Icon Brewery prides itself on brewing traditional styles with exceptional quality. This is why utilizing classic hop varieties in their respective styles is so important. From Czech Saaz in our Pilsner and American Cascade in our Pale Ale, to massive additions of El Dorado and Citra in our IPA, we try to get the most out of both traditional and new varieties.

Digital Fermentation Control

Fermentation is the most important part of beer production, which is exactly why we have a state of the art digital fermentation control system. The yeast is allowed to thrive in ideal conditions, creating clean, fully-attenuated beers.


Serving Tanks

Here at AIB, our flagship beers are served from giant vessels called serving tanks. Serving from this large volume allows the beer to condition the entire time it's in the tank, providing the freshest beer possible.

Traditional to Experimental

From classic brews like American Blonde Ale and Milk Stout, to experimental barrel aging and sour beers, American Icon Brewery is keeping up with the craft brewing times, while not straying from what’s made it great all along.