Liberty Belliner (Berliner Weiss)
TASTING NOTES: A tart and flavorful variation of a traditional German style beer. Light and effervescent enough to make every day feel like a day on the beach. Try with one of our seasonal flavor additions!
ABV: 4.8% IBUS: 6

Ticker Tape (Belgian Tripel)
TASTING NOTES: A deliciously smooth malt body with unique flavors of banana, bubblegum, and spice. Balanced by a smooth finish. One parade worthy combo.
ABV: 8% IBUS: 20

Big Daddy Voodoo (Brown Ale)
TASTING NOTES: Dark Brown in color with rich flavors of roast chocolate and molasses. Balanced by loads of piney Chinook hops and a juicy, resinous dry-hop finish. This is one Big Daddy with real JuJu.
ABV: 6% IBUS: 25

Hotshot Lincoln (Bourbon-Barreled Imperial Stout)
TASTING NOTES: A full-bodied, black beauty of a beer aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for the perfect kick to an already awe-inspiring Ale. Hints of cocoa and roasted coffee make this Stout one to call an Uber for. Drink Responsibly.
ABV: 8.5% IBUS: 70