American Icon Brewery is a family oriented gastropub with a 15 barrel brewing system, a full-food menu and over 400 seat capacity, located in historic Downtown Vero Beach.

Defining an Icon

From colors to currency and bald eagles to baseball, life here in these United States is steeped in patriotic symbolism. Thanks to the courage and undying willpower of those who came before us, we’ve been granted freedom, the pursuit of happiness and the right to live in the greatest country in the world. On the global stage, America herself is the icon. And we believe that’s something worth toasting.

Preserving History

In 1926, the Vero Beach Diesel Power Plant became the city’s first public utilitarian facility. In 1999, it earned a place on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. And today, the city’s oldest municipal building is the home of American Icon Brewery.

It’s not by chance that developer and principal owner, Michael Rechter, chose this storied location as the home of American Icon Brewery. The historic building represents the pillars of the American dream: ingenuity, timeless work ethic, and initiative.

Meet the Brewmaster

Jesse Robles discovered his affinity for homebrewing while working at a liquor store as a young adult. Soon thereafter, looking to expand his newfound craft, he traveled to Germany, where he shaped both his palate and his passion. Upon returning to the U.S., Jesse enrolled at Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, where he earned an international diploma in brewing technology.

Through his travels, Jesse developed an approach to brewing that is simple, principled and relies on the basics. The way he sees it, innovation in the world of craft beer is not about inventing new flavors, but rather, perfecting the classics and infusing them with a personal twist.

Before joining American Icon Brewery, Jesse Robles worked as a brewmaster and cellar manager for other breweries in Florida and New York.

Meet the Owner

Michael Rechter is a real estate developer, investor and entrepreneur who has built and managed a range of commercial properties and entertainment/hospitality businesses throughout Florida since 1998. With American Icon Brewery, Michael Rechter breathes new life into Vero Beach’s downtown historic district, which has seen steady revival in recent years. During the redevelopment of the site, Michael intentionally preserved much of the original architectural features, which he felt were celebratory of iconic America and a perfect fit for the new gastropub.

Prior to American Icon Brewery, Mr. Rechter rehabilitated other Vero Beach properties, including the Majestic Plaza and the adjacent Indian River Plaza on U.S. Highway 1, Vero Bowl, Stix Billiard Club and many more. He splits his time between South Florida and Vero Beach with his wife and two beautiful daughters.